Week Five of Summer Camp

  • Camp Beech Cliff 264 Beech Hill Road Mount Desert, ME, 04660 United States

Week Five of Summer Camp

Junior Maine Guide: Wilderness Warrior

What would you do if you had to survive in the woods with nothing but your backpack and the natural materials that surround you? You will learn to master the skill of navigation by reading a map and compass to discover hidden treasures around camp. You will become a warrior of the wilderness as you learn to purify water and create gadgets that will help you survive in a real-life wilderness survival situation. On Thursday after camp, join us for a cookout to celebrate becoming a warrior of the wilderness! Pickup is at 8pm.  Cost: $260/$365


Dog Days of Summer: Dog Sledding

Spend a week with the most loving, cuddly, furry creatures around- SLED DOGS! Develop a bond of mutual trust with a team of adorable and well-trained pups. Join the experts from Camp Vinca Dog Sledding to observe the mysterious mind and behaviors of the working dog, and learn how to train a sled dog yourself. You will master the skills of outdoor survival, compete in an agility obstacle course and even hike with the pups - Don’t miss it! Open to 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th graders.  Cost: $285/$390



Welcome to cooking camp! You’ll be cracking eggs, reading recipes, learning grating and knife skills and exploring the culture of the kitchen. Travel around the world through TASTE as you create traditional Mexican, Asian and Italian dishes- mmmm, delicious! This camp will be based at the Pemetic School kitchen. Cost: $285/$390