Week Eight of Summer Camp

  • Camp Beech Cliff 264 Beech Hill Road Mount Desert, ME, 04660 United States

Week Eight of Summer Camp

The Amazing Race with Seal Cove Auto

Hunt Through History- Come check out the exciting exhibit Auto Wars: Then and Now at the Seal Cove Auto Museum where you can ride in antique cars!  This week, you will also be playing with maps, stories, and historic photos where you will decode clues to embark on the Island-wide scavenger hunt. At each station, you will complete an activity that will teach you about Island history and lead you to your next adventure. Cost: $260/$365

Explore Swim Holes of Acadia

Do you want to discover the best secret swimming holes on the island? This week, we will hike to some of the greatest swimming spots of Acadia and explore these cool pools. Come join us as we embark on a different adventure everyday that ends with a refreshing splash! Cost: $285/$390