Any day now your camper(s) should be receiving a package from CBC. Along with a copy of the 2018 camp family handbook is a letter from our new camp director, a bus schedule, a camp map, a few other treats for your camper, and a camp behavior contract. We have not used these contracts in the past and have no reason to suspect that camper behaviors have deteriorated over the last year, but our new Director, Matt, is recommending that CBC adopt this best practice. Please take the time to read over this contract with your camper, sign it, and then snap a photo of it and send it back to

The handbook includes answers to many frequently asked questions about the camp day. You should always feel welcome to give us a call if you have additional questions. 

The camper shirts have just been ordered... ask your camper if they can guess which color the shirts will be this year! 

Camp Registrar

P.S. In case you misplace the handbook, you can download a copy from our website.