CBC School Vacation Camps

Kids on a break from school still need to be challenged and engaged.  At the request of our local working parents, we now have been offering four school break camps: Thanksgiving Break, December Holidays break, February/Mid-Winter break, & April/Spring break.

Activities: Camp days (9:00 am - 4:00 pm) may include arts & crafts, archery, snowshoeing, ice fishing, hikes, climbing & more.  Exact activities vary based upon current weather and staff specialties but campers will be outside a good deal of the day. Rest assured campers will have a full day!

Please note: while CBC vacation camps provide a similar positive, supportive, and welcoming environment as the summer programs we offer, vacation camps are much smaller in size and provide excellent supervision for campers who are used to functioning independently at home and at school without the immediate assistance of an adult. If you are unsure if CBC vacation camps would be a good fit for your camper, give us a call to talk it through.

Cost: $45/day for Hancock County Residents;  $50/day for Non-Hancock County Residents

Discounts: 10% discount for siblings

Unfortunately, CBC is unable to offer transportation for our vacation camp campers.  If you have any questions please let us know, (207) 244-0365, info@campbeechcliff.org.